Emmacosta – “Angry Eyes”

“Angry Eyes” is a song of many elements from the Positano indielectro trio, Emmacosta, who have several singles and a few EP’s to their name, making them relative newcomers with experience.  Released earlier last month on Icons Creating Evil Art (ICEA), a Swedish boutique music label, you’ll hear everything from the electric guitar solo to … Continue reading Emmacosta – “Angry Eyes”


Lully’s “Toute les Chansons” EP

The mysterious producer, Lully, released a compilation of three amazing songs today via SoundCloud, which are collectively entitled, Toute les Chansons.  This translates roughly to "All Songs," and represents exactly that:  everything we have heard from this masterful future synth-pop artist to date.  Not much else is quite known about this artist (you're welcome to … Continue reading Lully’s “Toute les Chansons” EP

Micky Blue’s “Famous”

Micky Blue, the London-based, NYC-raised queen of haunted pop, has released another track describing the woes of having to let go of someone that just isn't with you for the right reasons.  "Famous" documents how those decisions can be tough, but hopefully liberating for those who want to be seen and loved for who they … Continue reading Micky Blue’s “Famous”