Versaam – Warmsummer EP

Ellis Newton, aka Versaam, has released a quick clip of R&B and soul inspired mixes on his latest EP, Warmsummer, put together throughout the last few months in anticipation of a larger project to be completed some time in the fall.  The Berkeley-based artist and DJ took less than a day to produce many of … Continue reading Versaam – Warmsummer EP


NAO – “Another Lifetime”

Two years removed from her critically acclaimed debut album, For All We Know, NAO has dropped a new single in anticipation of her soon-to-be-released sophomore effort.  "Another Lifetime" has all the genre-bending synth elements that have become somewhat of her signature, while pushing her vocals forward in an emotionally raw accounting of finding peace from … Continue reading NAO – “Another Lifetime”

Charlotte Day Wilson – “Nothing New”

Our favorite Toronto R&B singer is back with a new single from an upcoming EP, Stone Woman, which will be dropping February 23rd.  Produced, written, and performed by Wilson, this track oozes with confidence and cool as she explores the fact that issues always seem to repeat themselves in relationships.  Though this theme, in and … Continue reading Charlotte Day Wilson – “Nothing New”

Leven Kali – “Do U Wrong (feat. Syd)”

Santa Monica artist, Leven Kali, teams up with L.A.-based do-it-all musician, Syd, on this downtempo, chill-vibe track.  It’s all about the teasing sexiness between partners in a loving and safe way, which comes across so smoothly with Kali’s and Syd’s vocal interplay and G-funk thump on this throwback R&B single.

Joyce Wrice – “Ain’t No Need”

Here’s a little throwback R&B gem from L.A.-based artist, Joyce Wrice, with the ever consistent MNDSGN working the beats.  According to Wrice, two years ago MNDSGN had sent her several beats and she selected this one as her favorite, wrote some lyrics with the help of SiR, and the rest is history.  The combination of … Continue reading Joyce Wrice – “Ain’t No Need”

Madijuwon – “Do The Right Thing” (feat. Lord Apex)

French producer and cool-vibe beatmaker, Madijuwon, lays down a R&B-inspired, groovy track with a collaborator across the channel in London-based MC Lord Apex, who has been prolific over the last year or so, putting out mixed tapes every other month like some hip-hop samurai on a mission.  This special release from Madijuwon comes with an … Continue reading Madijuwon – “Do The Right Thing” (feat. Lord Apex)