Jelly Crystal – “Now Awake”

The moody melody genius is back after releasing the debut EP, Coming Up, last year off of Gothenburg label, West Coast Recordings.  The solo project of Filip Johnson, Jelly Crystal’s newest track is equal parts dramatic pop and glam rock, while channeling the likes of Bowie, Ariel Pink, and Scott Walker, who he calls “imaginary … Continue reading Jelly Crystal – “Now Awake”


Cindy Lee’s “Always Lovers”

Cindy Lee is the project of singer/guitarist Patrick Flegel, who came out of the well-received, though somewhat erratic, Canadian art-rock band, Women.  "Always Lovers" was a single from the 2015 LP (cassette-tape and free download only) release, Malenkost.  Though the entire album screams of tragedy, heartache, and pained beauty, "Always Lovers," is the one genuinely … Continue reading Cindy Lee’s “Always Lovers”

The Spirit Of The Beehive – Pleasure Suck LP

The Spirit Of The Beehive came out with a track that I would consider to be in my top 10 favorite tracks of all time.  Off of the underrated, and criminally underplayed, gem of an EP, You Are Arrived (But You've Been Cheated), the title track to the 2015 album is one that I have never … Continue reading The Spirit Of The Beehive – Pleasure Suck LP