Sugar Candy Mountain – “Stickeen”

Though Sugar Candy Mountain's latest album, Do Right, was released back in May, the Oakland psychedelia-pop duo took charge of grabbing the potential for "summer hit" by the horns with a Beach Boy's-esque breezy classic in the making.  "Stickeen" is buried as the second to last track, almost criminally as if an after-thought on the … Continue reading Sugar Candy Mountain – “Stickeen”


∆ alt-J – Relaxer LP

alt-J, symbolized with a ∆, released their third LP last Friday called Relaxer.  The Leeds-based English indie rock band blew everyone away with their debut album, An Awesome Wave, back in 2012, including yours truly.  However, it would be unfair to compare the two albums together, which was the trap I fell into with their sophomore effort, This Is … Continue reading ∆ alt-J – Relaxer LP

Mega Bog’s “Blackout”

You ever go on a music downloading spree, and then end up only listening to about 10 percent of it? (this is where you should be nodding your head in agreement) Well, Mega Bog, the brainchild and artistic outlet of Brooklyn-based Erin Birgy, released their sophomore album, Happy Together, via Nicey Music back in February, … Continue reading Mega Bog’s “Blackout”

The Spirit Of The Beehive – Pleasure Suck LP

The Spirit Of The Beehive came out with a track that I would consider to be in my top 10 favorite tracks of all time.  Off of the underrated, and criminally underplayed, gem of an EP, You Are Arrived (But You've Been Cheated), the title track to the 2015 album is one that I have never … Continue reading The Spirit Of The Beehive – Pleasure Suck LP

Frankie Cosmos – “On The Lips”

Frankie Cosmos is releasing a new album on April 1st entitled, Next Thing.  She released a new version of a previous track of hers called "On The Lips," and I was instantly amazed by the amount of emotion, sexiness, innocence, and overall cool that was instilled into a song that was less than two minutes … Continue reading Frankie Cosmos – “On The Lips”

The Goon Sax – “Boyfriend” & “Up To Anything”

You'll just have to trust me when I say that I don't only listen to young white male artists or leads in a band, even though my last post on Brett and this one have not held that claim to be true.  However, in the last couple of days there have been two pop music … Continue reading The Goon Sax – “Boyfriend” & “Up To Anything”

Brett – “Claire Drained” & “Electric”

It's not everyday that I find a duo of music tracks that take me back to previous years of summer memories.  However, the new releases by Brett, a four member band who makes music in L.A., are slow-moving, summer road trip tracks. The songs in question are "Claire Drained" and "Electric," two tracks that remind … Continue reading Brett – “Claire Drained” & “Electric”