Lester, Nowhere & bzkt. – “Clarity”

Italian beat maker, Lester, Nowhere, and Seattle-based lyricist, bzkt., collab around a moody atmospheric joint off of Lester, Nowhere's next project coming out on Radio Juicy in the near future.  The chill vibe production counters the hard cutting lyrics throughout the tight two-minutes, transporting you to a foggy nighttime urbanscape.


Bobby Sessions – “Like Me”

This Dallas, Texas hip-hop artist drops his Def Jam Records debut single with a resounding review of systemic racism in the United States through “Like Me,” a song dedicated to his late cousin who was gunned down by police officers back in 2012.  Sessions pulls no punches, between his single cover photo, which invokes a … Continue reading Bobby Sessions – “Like Me”

Jalen Santoy – “Doors of Perception”

Jalen Santoy’s latest release, “Doors of Perception,” continues his long line of raw lyrical explorations into a culture torn apart by social injustices.  Making music since the age of 15, the Charlotte-raised, L.A.-based rapper and songwriter has one EP to date, Charlie Eastern, which was named after the rap group founded by his late cousin, … Continue reading Jalen Santoy – “Doors of Perception”

STS x Khari Mateen – “Happy Birthday Mama”

Jumping all the way up to one of my favorite tracks of the year comes “Happy Birthday Mama” off of the collaborative 10-track LP, Better On A Sunday, between Sugar Tongue Slim and Khari Mateen.  These two shared several connections through the years, from being raised in Atlanta, to establishing themselves in Philly, to collaborations … Continue reading STS x Khari Mateen – “Happy Birthday Mama”

Summer Suns – “The Feeling”

Bristol-based brothers @slim_summers_sons and @turt_summers_sons form the duo known as Summer Sons, a hip-hop outfit with a smooth blend of jazz-flecked beats and soulful bars.  Out via German label, Melting Pot Music, “The Feeling” sounds like it could be an easy entry onto last year’s BadBadNotGood’s Late Night Tales release, as there is an after-hours … Continue reading Summer Suns – “The Feeling”

Madijuwon – “Do The Right Thing” (feat. Lord Apex)

French producer and cool-vibe beatmaker, Madijuwon, lays down a R&B-inspired, groovy track with a collaborator across the channel in London-based MC Lord Apex, who has been prolific over the last year or so, putting out mixed tapes every other month like some hip-hop samurai on a mission.  This special release from Madijuwon comes with an … Continue reading Madijuwon – “Do The Right Thing” (feat. Lord Apex)

Hi-Tone – “The Gossip”

Latin American lyricists, hip-hop artists, and beat makers have long been overlooked in the history of the rap in this country, despite the concurrent development of hip-hop in many Central and South American countries during the 1980’s with the United States in New York.  Hip-hop has always been an outlet for describing and relaying the … Continue reading Hi-Tone – “The Gossip”