Partner Music – “Patu”

XVI Records, who describe themselves as "a label on a journey to the sun," welcomes label newcomer, Partner Music, with a feature on their High Praise Edits series of "Patu."  This one's a funky mix of infectious groove, bass lines, and beats, punctuated by a mesmerizing acapella loop from a long lost Bollywood track.  A … Continue reading Partner Music – “Patu”


Humble Braggers – “Reckless”

"Reckless" is the newest single of Buffalo foursome, Humble Braggers.  The simple and fun track plays an upbeat rhythm off of somewhat subdued vocals until blasting off in the chorus as lead single Tom Burtless cries out, "I know I'm reckless!" in full on electropop glory.  Look out for their EP, Cycle, dropping at the … Continue reading Humble Braggers – “Reckless”

Sugar Candy Mountain – “Stickeen”

Though Sugar Candy Mountain's latest album, Do Right, was released back in May, the Oakland psychedelia-pop duo took charge of grabbing the potential for "summer hit" by the horns with a Beach Boy's-esque breezy classic in the making.  "Stickeen" is buried as the second to last track, almost criminally as if an after-thought on the … Continue reading Sugar Candy Mountain – “Stickeen”

NAO – “Another Lifetime”

Two years removed from her critically acclaimed debut album, For All We Know, NAO has dropped a new single in anticipation of her soon-to-be-released sophomore effort.  "Another Lifetime" has all the genre-bending synth elements that have become somewhat of her signature, while pushing her vocals forward in an emotionally raw accounting of finding peace from … Continue reading NAO – “Another Lifetime”

Pixel Grip – “Golden Moses”

Out of Chicago comes a dark-wave-disco synthesis from the duo, Pixel Grip.  Self-describing their music more specifically as goth-disco and pulling on influences ranging from French Electronica to old-school Chicago house, "Golden Moses" pulls you into it's early morning underground dance world of melancholy and fog-infused rhythmic beats.  Think Ladytron's more brooding sibling. Look for … Continue reading Pixel Grip – “Golden Moses”

Curtis Harding – “It’s Not Over”

Just released via ANTI- Records, neo-soul artist Curtis Harding's latest single, "It's Not Over," takes us on a funky ride to the ends of the earth as we fight to hold onto those we love.  With an amazing hook towards the end of the chorus that takes an unexpected turn, this has all the elements … Continue reading Curtis Harding – “It’s Not Over”

Lester, Nowhere & bzkt. – “Clarity”

Italian beat maker, Lester, Nowhere, and Seattle-based lyricist, bzkt., collab around a moody atmospheric joint off of Lester, Nowhere's next project coming out on Radio Juicy in the near future.  The chill vibe production counters the hard cutting lyrics throughout the tight two-minutes, transporting you to a foggy nighttime urbanscape.