Madijuwon – “Do The Right Thing” (feat. Lord Apex)

French producer and cool-vibe beatmaker, Madijuwon, lays down a R&B-inspired, groovy track with a collaborator across the channel in London-based MC Lord Apex, who has been prolific over the last year or so, putting out mixed tapes every other month like some hip-hop samurai on a mission.  This special release from Madijuwon comes with an … Continue reading Madijuwon – “Do The Right Thing” (feat. Lord Apex)


Men I Trust – “I Hope To Be Around”

Out of Montreal comes another pop single from a band who self-describe as an indie-dance band, though you may find yourself just swaying only slightly to this laid back, dreamy track.  Men I Trust have brought some of my favorite singles of the past couple of years, especially my first encounter via “Lauren.”  If you … Continue reading Men I Trust – “I Hope To Be Around”

Steve Buscemi’s Dreamy Eyes – “Swim Deep”

Why did I decide to write up something about this Stockholm-based indie-pop quartet, and their new single off of Rama Lama Records?  Well, for starters, I think it’s awesome that there are people around the world who think like I do about Steve Buscemi’s eyes.  I feel at the same time liberated and validated.  If … Continue reading Steve Buscemi’s Dreamy Eyes – “Swim Deep”

Hi-Tone – “The Gossip”

Latin American lyricists, hip-hop artists, and beat makers have long been overlooked in the history of the rap in this country, despite the concurrent development of hip-hop in many Central and South American countries during the 1980’s with the United States in New York.  Hip-hop has always been an outlet for describing and relaying the … Continue reading Hi-Tone – “The Gossip”

Wasiu – “ArtBeat Cypher” (feat. Lou Phelps & KNLO)

Haitian-Canadian DJ and record producer, Kaytranada, is becoming more of a household name (just check out his Wikipedia page, and the number of remixes and collaborations he’s participated in over the last several years).  Wasiu’s “Artbeat Cypher” begins with an interview with Kaytranada at the Red Bull Music Academy, where he talks a little about … Continue reading Wasiu – “ArtBeat Cypher” (feat. Lou Phelps & KNLO)

Umii (Reva DeVito + B. Bravo) – “The One”

Reva DeVito and B. Bravo teamed up for a debut EP, This Time, about two months ago, which was released via Fresh Selects, on SoundCloud and other media platforms.  Devito, a Portland-based singer-songwriter, was still riding high after releasing The Move EP, in which she collaborated with a number of high-profile electronic producers, including Kaytranada … Continue reading Umii (Reva DeVito + B. Bravo) – “The One”

Sampa the Great – “Rhymes To The East”

I love Sampa the Great! I love that she is a young hip-hop artist with relatively clean lyrics who I can play for my daughter, and actually has a love for the old school samples and sounds that really hooked me onto rap back in the day.  She is, arguably, one of the most important … Continue reading Sampa the Great – “Rhymes To The East”