Versaam – Warmsummer EP

Ellis Newton, aka Versaam, has released a quick clip of R&B and soul inspired mixes on his latest EP, Warmsummer, put together throughout the last few months in anticipation of a larger project to be completed some time in the fall.  The Berkeley-based artist and DJ took less than a day to produce many of the six summertime beats, and the lightness and breezy freedom that always comes with this season is easily sensed as an underlying theme throughout the series of sample selected and reworked.

“This is a good summer,” states Versaam, and you can almost imagine this EP as a soundtrack for the perfect summer day, beginning with the raw and excited energy of “one4madlib,” chilling through the morning with “nevercan [loop],” cruising to your favorite hang-out spot with the lights of your city and “warmsummr” in the background during the evening, and “inmyylife” winding it all down at the end of a long, beautiful summer day.


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