Benja Styles – “Christopher Cobain – Big Poppa Fire”

The first track of our 7Tracks2Back series this week focuses on Philadelphia-based DJ/remixer/producer, Benja Styles, as he comes through in a really big way with a Biggie Smalls/Kurt Cobain mash-up which hits the perfect balance as many cross-genre remixes can’t or don’t.  I’ve heard other attempts at crossing Nirvana with iconic hip-hop artists (some failed Nirvana vs 2Pac mixes come to mind), where it sounds like a forced effort of just laying two songs against one another.  This track, however, is a craft at a whole other level, as there is a clear focus on the intricacy, detail, and respect needed to pull elements from one that will intertwine seamlessly with the other.  As someone stated to me recently, it sounds like a song delivered from above.  The vibe of the whole experience is completely laid back, and makes you wonder if this wouldn’t have been exactly how the two would have collaborated with each other in another life.


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