Chaouche – “I’ll Lose My Head”

Bristol-based artist, Chaouche, has released three singles in the last several months, none more powerful than the hymn-like and haunting, effort, “I’ll Lose My Head.”  Newly signed to Night Time Stories, Late Night Tales’ artist imprint, these songs are preceding her debut full-length release in 2018, which will focus on the overarching theme of healing and self-discovery.  “Collectively my songs contribute to a greater understanding of particular issues I found overbearing and traumatising as a child and young adult.  Each song is dedicated to a memory or experience that has come from a negative source that’s ultimately been turned into a strength.”

The spiritual elements common to musicians like Sufjan Stevens are intermixed heavily with piano and string arrangements similar to those of orchestra-focused composers, as she uses her build-up of alternatingly patterned choral-like vocals to create an ambiance of moving through a cathedral at dusk; flitting around, but not quite engaging fully with, the coming dark.  The effect is one of the most surprisingly enjoyable, and memorable, pop-art pieces of 2018.


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