ABQ’s 7 Tracks 2 Back This Week (12/17/17)

Let these seven tracks set-up an amazing week for you as we all celebrate family, life, and being happy during the holiday season:

Garden City Movement’s “Slightly All The Time” is a single release off their debut album slated to drop in 2018 off of Night Time Stories, which is the sister label to Late Night Tales for original releases from artists.  This song features wavering trip-hop atmospherics mixed with a dreamily-jarring set of vocals and some guitar hooks that reflect an Southern Asian influence.

L.A.-based indie rocker, BOYO, covers Current Joys’ “Blondie” with a sense of drama, between the light, almost whispering vocals of Robert Tilden conveying a sense of heartache in a confusing relationship countered by the heavy, almost organ-like synths.

“Someone To Spend Christmas With” is a perfect representation of holiday songs I like:  ones that don’t sound like holiday songs!  The Spook School, fronted by AC Cory’s 90’s era throwback vocals, have always been ones to explore gender, sexuality, and queer issues through their music, and this song is no different.  They describe the song as “figuring out how you want to conduct your own relationships when it feels like the world is full of conflicting advice about the “best” way to do it. Whether that be monogamy, polyamory or something else. The refrain relates to the ideal of having one important person in your life with whom you’ll always spend your special occasions.”

Brothers Jonathan and Michael Rosen have been around the music scene for a while, and Cones is a representation of both their identities mashed into one.  This can be heard on their latest single, “First Time,” as there are elements of pop and key-heavy orchestration, which they bring to the table respectively.

Little Simz has become a staple of my weekly show, as the English 23 year-old continues to evolve her hip-hop sound through her already extensive career, having already released one LP, four mixed tapes, and five EP’s, as well as several singles since 2010, like “Morning” featuring Swooping Duck, an improv trio of instrumentalists out of Melbourne.  The combination of Little Simz’ vocals playing off of, and keeping the jaunty beat with, Swooping Duck’s metronomic percussions, while the light piano work in the background adds a playful jazzy element.  I also love that she is a hip-hop artist I can point my daughter to among many who fill their lyrics with disrespecting women.

I’ve been obsessively listening to Florist’s title track off their sophomore album, If Blue Could Be Happiness, allowing myself to be captured by the dreamy instrumentation that is reminiscent of the first smells and warmth that accompany spring, while your hand moves with the air as you travel by car to a lazy destination.  Emily Sprague’s hushed vocals are the perfect narration to this comforting projection, even as she sings of the struggles, pain, and eventual peace that are part of our lives.

Yung Olde Mayne’s “Sunrise” is the perfect ending to this set, as mellow hip-hop beats are used to highlight a classic song (can you guess who’s being sampled?) to welcome in the morning with chill vibes.  If you start off the day with this track, you’ll be doing alright.

Here’s “If Blue Could Be Happiness” by Florist in case you don’t have SoundCloud Go!:


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