Sharon Van Etten – (It Was) Because I Was In Love

I love this album.  I am obsessed with it, as it speaks to the emotional side of myself, and definitely will for you.

It is one of the most beautiful musical experiences that I’ve had in a while, and I can honestly say that the 53 minutes of intimacy with this music only made me want more.  I replayed each track over and over again (check the playlist below), and inexplicably couldn’t get enough.  There’s something to be said about encountering an artist at their most vulnerable and unsure moments in their career, as there is a raw beauty and emotionally gripping nature to it.

Need me to elaborate more?  Well…

Sharon Van Etten, a New Jersey native and current Brooklynite, always came across to me as another easy-listening indie artist with a few hits on the indie airwaves, like “Taking Chances” or “Every Time The Sun Comes Up.”  I could say that I liked her, but wouldn’t go so far as to say that I was overcome or felt close to her music.

All of that changed with her recent release, (It Was) Because I Was In Love, a remix and remaster of her debut album back in 2009.  I was blown away with the Sharon Van Etten of almost ten years back, with the stripped down DIY production and instrumentation, as many of the tracks are simply her vulnerable and pleading vocals accompanied by her acoustic guitar.  The subject matter isn’t anything new: love, loss, confusion, insecurity.  And many of the arrangements brought me back to songs I’ve known in the past, but are now just shadows and fragments in my memory.  However, each song tugged on my heart and touched the emotional side of me that revels in the feelings of sorrow, heartache, and overall desperation that stimulates the passion, fight, and fire within all of us.

I found myself setting aside many of these songs in a best-of playlist that I like to have access to at a moment’s notice, and, by the end of the album, I was surprised to see how many of these tracks I had added as something special and one’s to remember for the long haul.  I’ve included my favorites below in a playlist from the original album, and highly encourage you to experience the remastered album for yourself, and let the raw emotions flow through you both gently and powerfully with this wonderfully raw musical gem.



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