ABQ’s 7 Tracks 2 Back This Week (11/26/17)

Experiencing some post-Thanksgiving, pre-winter holiday blues?  Let these seven tracks get you into the right kind of mood by embracing the darkness, and leading you into a more mellow and satisfied brooding emotional state.

Some songs of highlight this week:

Starting everything off with The Pack A.D.’s “Does It Feel Good?” seemed like the right move to get your attention.  This Vancouver hard-hitting duo kill it with stripped down, slowed down, and straight-forward guitar riffs and metronomic drum beats throughout, with a nice chorus alteration about two-thirds in to keep your attention.  Definitely, the best song on their latest release, Dollhouse.

Carla dal Forno’s The Garden is a four-song EP that pulls no punches, and offers up raw, emotionally driven tracks like “Make Up Talk,” which pushes a cold, dark electro-pop experience about a dysfunctional relationship.  As is aptly stated on her Bandcamp page, murky sound design, thrift store percussion, and lyrical starkness abound.

“Rise” is a new single from Dahlia Sleeps, a four-piece indie-pop outfit out of London, which follows an acclaimed EP, Breathe, that dropped in May.  This track comes from a powerful personal space dealing with hate and bigotry by experiencing empowerment, as leader singer Lucy Hill explained recently: Very few members of the LGBTQIA+ community will have made it to where they are today without having had painful experiences of homophobia.  ‘Rise’ is about one particular run-in I had when I was in the early stages of coming out and was told by a young man that I must have been abused to ‘turn out that way.’  I look back at that moment now with a sense of empowerment because of the strength I have built from being part of this amazing, supportive, loud community of queer people. It was a really important song for me to write — to show that these people will never win.”

I want to attend Poetically’s “Rad School.”  The music video is awesome, featuring some great footage from a little known 80’s high school movie, Tuff Turf.  Released on the album Kids in Control back in August, this Copenhagen, indielectronic group hits all the right searing synth-notes and growling drag beats mixed with the perfect amount of lo-fi reverb to make you fondly reminisce about the 80’s, no matter what’s your age.

DEDE’s “Golden Divine” is off of her debut solo album, Panoply.  It’s a moody synth-pop from the former Tiny Hearts vocalist that somewhat defines the rest of the album.  The steel drum percussion towards the end lend itself well to a general darkness and atmospheric gloom.

Out of Cologne, Germany, Xul Zolar describes the inception of “Soft Drones,” a throwback new-wave track, as the creation of a piano lick that brought out elements of a late 2Pac song, and trying to make it work without losing its overall essence.  I listened to some 2Pac, and could kind-of place it.  From 2Pac to synth-wave is not an easy process, but they make it work.

Washed Out + MNDSGN = chill-vibe remix…Until next time…



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