ABQ’s 7 Tracks 2 Back This Week (11/12/17)

Here are some tracks that hopefully help you get through this pre-Thanksgiving lead up week.  Looking forward to the 2017 AlbuTurkey Hat Tournament, my first participation in this annual Ultimate Frisbee event for the past several years.  Can’t wait to run with a purpose!

Now, onto some music featured this week:

Nina Simone’s “Blackbird” is a song about the struggles and pain of black women, which she symbolizes through a black bird.  This Julius Abel edit somehow infuses the track with a dance-vibey beat, yet maintains a sense of sorrow and scarring with carefully placed background strings, and keeping the synths to a low frequency.  The result is a weirdly-effective and interesting darkly upbeat song.

See my post about Men I Trust’s “I Hope To Be Around” that I wrote up this week.

Australian-born, Athens-based artist, Montero, gives us a soft indie-rock trip-track that he supplements with a self-illustrated music video, which aptly visualizes the simplistic lyrics communicating the mind haziness through a fun animal odyssey.  Think of a cooler, modern version of some of the classic rock “I feel stoned” tracks, or a more nonsensical/whimsical version of Tame Impala.

The brother duo out of L.A. bring us a simple, sweet track out of Dangerbird Records about adjusting to and embracing changes in one’s life; in essence, rolling with the punches.  It’s a really cool mix of modern synth sounds and beats with a mellow acoustic accompaniment.

I couldn’t find out much about Tanners, except that she’s a pop artist out of NYC, and just dropped this debut track about 10 days ago, and played some music recently at a TedxTeen event.  I love the use of the heavy, fuzzed out higher pitched bass in the background during the chorus.

Out of Minneapolis comes NADINE, which features members of Phantom Posse and Ava Luna, and brings us a futuristic galactic-pop track infused with a highly catchy pop melody, “Ultra Pink.”  Their debut album, oh my, drops on January 26th.

Khruangbin is a three-piece, 1960’s Thai-funk influenced band out of Houston, Texas (wrap your mind around that one!), who also mix in elements of surf-rock with a heavy bass and drum beat that cries out psychedelia.  You could imagine “Maria Tambien” being on some long-forgotten, early-youth Tarantino film project.



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