ABQ’s 7 Tracks 2 Back This Week (11/5/17)

What a Halloween!  Usually, I just want to hang out in our friends’ houses, as they always have us over for their annual get togethers, while our daughters go trick-or-treating.  Two reasons for this: they have killer food every year and it’s been freezing cold in the past.  Well, the food was awesome again (shout out to the Jaramillo family for being perfect hosts in every way, as always), but it was amazingly warm the festivities this year.  Took our kids down to Forrester Street this year, which is a wild experience visually, but kind of lacking in candy collection.  There were lines of parents with their kids half a block long waiting to get candy at some houses.  Love what they’re doing, but we’ll probably bring our kids trick-or-treating before going down there again.

Now, onto some music featured this week:

Boy Azooga, brings us “Face Behind Her Cigarette,” a genre-bending psychedelic dance rock single that you’ll definitely find yourself tapping your foot to…or more!

Darvid Thor is a Melbourne-based artist with a beautiful falsetto voice, who sings about having the “Rest Of Your Life” to do the things you’ve always wanted.  This track features a Beach Housey chill vibe sound with heavy Grizzly Bear influence in the vocals.

Carmen Villain is my favorite U.S.-born, Mexican-Norwegian singer!  “Red Desert” is titled after the legendary Antonioni movie about a woman’s survival tactics in a surreal industrial landscape full of existential crisis. “To me the movie feels like a perfect visual representation of what it can be like to be anxious and uncomfortable in your head sometimes,” says Carmen.  Her latest album, Infinite Avenue, is certainly a personal emotional trip she is more than happy to share with us.  I love her work on the chorus.

NPR did a cool piece about The Dove & the Wolf back in January and their single, “Seven Days.”  The sorrowful music and lyrics, which are tinged with a little bit of angst and anger (“what am I supposed to feel” is repeated over increasingly loud drums), stemmed, in part, from the brutal terrorist attacks at the Bataclan theater, and how the city and citizens came together in solidarity to support each other emotionally and mentally.  It’s a truly beautiful song.

Ariel Pink will be visiting Meow Wolf next Monday night, so it seemed appropriate to include our favorite hypnagogic pop artist.  “Feels Like Heaven” is actually a touching, sensitive and simple track from an otherwise colorful personality.

“Wave To Anchor” is a great piece of indielectronica from this foursome out of Gainesville, Florida.  The electro-raindrop effects overlaid with frontwoman Nicole Miglis’ soaring vocals communicates the questioning of crumbling relationships and the arc connecting chaos to clarity with our loved ones.  In an interview with Stereogum, Miglis revealed, “with these songs more than any, there’s frustration in there, the frustration of trying to tell someone how you feel. The arc would be the chaos to the clarity.”  Hundred Waters was just added to Skrillex’s label, OWSLA, whose influence can be heard throughout the song.

Finally, ODESZA’s “Late Night” is best experienced by watching the music video.  It communicates exactly what I imagined when I first came across this upbeat, atmospheric track on the Seattle-duo’s third, and latest, album, A Moment Apart.  It’s a celebration of life, adventure, happiness, living in the moment, road-trips with friends and family, and finding the beauty in the numerous opportunities the world, and all its inhabitants, provide us every day.  If you’re a downer or trend toward the negative, this just may be the wake-up call you need.  I listened to a podcast recently that was talking about how much play time we need, and this song definitely taps into that concept.  Live life fully; this is the only one you get!


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