ABQ’s 7 Tracks 2 Back This Week (10/22/17)

Enjoy Albuquerque now, New Mexicans!  This is the perfect weather to be active and outdoors, with no excuses of being too hot or too cold.  This is the Q’s temperature sweet spot, and it’s time to get out there, whether it’s to play some frisbee (shout out to the High Desert Classic GUTS Frisbee Tournament participants and spectators), take a hike up the old La Luz Trail in the Sandias (definitely take the time to explore the old La Luz as it’s a much better hiking experience, though a bit steep for the average climber), or just get out for a walk or bike ride with your family.  Enjoy this time of year, Albuquerqueans, as it only comes once a year!

Now, onto some music featured this week:

I lost myself a little with Marlene’s “Miss You A Little,” as there was definitely some hemming and hawing over whether to include this track on the best tracks of the week.  I must have listened to the Swedish artist’s light synth-pop heartbreak song about ten times, hating myself for loving it and searching for why.  All I came up with was loving the chorus’ combination of pleading vocals and some synth-keyboards that harkened back to late 80’s / early 90’s pop songs that were somewhat guilty pleasures at the time.

The L.A.-based producer, Falcons, comes to us from Fool’s Gold Records with a futuristic electro-pop collaboration with TZAR that has hints of R&B via TZAR’s sensual vocals infused with some EDM beats.  It’s not something everyone will love, but one that I enjoy as some light listening.

Westerman is a London artist that exudes a modern Elliott Smith-ian sound on this beautiful indie-folk gem, “Keep Track.”  There’s something else there, as he croons about laying it all out, which captures your notice, whether it’s his whispering overlay, telling us, someone, to “keep track.”  Of maybe it’s just the pleasant mixture of acoustic guitar and synthetic percussion.

I have little to no knowledge about the artists Yorafarafa and Kevlakat, who collaborate on a nifty track called, “firewalk,” other than they put it out via Love Our Records, and I can’t wait to hear more.

Casual Connection.  The Fugees.  Enough said.

I first heard the Visioneers remix of 4Hero’s “The Action (feat. Ish aka Butterfly)” on a recent episode of WeFunk Radio out of McGill University in Montreal.  The track is retro, hip, and a great representation of the music you’ll get from DJ Static and Professor Groove, as well as their weekly guest spinners and beat makers.  Just a little plug for a radio show, and college radio station, that knows how to do it right.  Even their website is well-thought out and music-lover friendly, all the way down to their in-house programming and program app.  Check them out!

I always like to end my weekly radio show with an instrumental track.  Not only does it allow time for some final thoughts and words on my part, but you can transition out and into another show without disrupting the song too much.  Franz Scala’s “Italian Dance Wave (Disco Cinque)” was that song for me this week, as the .  Scalo is the head of Slow Motion Records, which is an Italian dance label in Berlin, Germany.  Go figure…


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