ABQ’s 7 Tracks 2 Back This Week (10/15/17)

With so much going on in the world, and this country, over the past several weeks, getting away with some music is such a pleasant diversion that we sometimes take for granted.  It’s a privilege that we should all appreciate, definitely in times when there are people really suffering in places like Puerto Rico, Houston, Santa Rosa and Northern California, and across the world.  Let’s make sure to send out our positive thoughts and energy to everyone who have lost loved ones so far this year!

Now, onto some music featured this week:

I got everything started with Jonti, an Australian DJ and beatmaker, who recently put out a track called, “Sleeping and Falling,” as well as touring and collaborating with the Avalanches earlier this year.  Coming off an upcoming album, Tokorat, you’ll appreciate the great mixture of orchestrated strings, richly reverberated vocals, and the bright piano support that reminds you of something from several decades back, while synthing the heck out of the second act of the song to add a bit of a current sound.  It’s a cool musical mixture of era’s that works so well.

Brooklyn-based artists, Zula, put out a new EP this week called 6 Passes via Forged Artifacts and Inflated Records.  “Anything For You” is a disjointed, atmospheric indie rock song that fuses violin, piano, a driven syncopated drum beat, and backing guitars judiciously.  I loved the guitar focus about halfway through the song.

Australian artists keep popping up all over my musical landscape, including this Sydney musician, Kirsty Tickle, who has been putting out music under the solo-project moniker, Exhibitionist.  “Hands” has been out since May, but I just came across it the other day, and it’s a mesmerizing mix of dance percussion and wispy vocals.  The music video is really awesome, and deserves at least one, if not multiple, viewings.  Tickle said in an interview with Music Feeds, “‘Hands’ is about growing up and letting go of your insecurities in order to give the best of yourself to a relationship.  It’s about feeling vulnerable and trying not to be too self-destructive.”

Nurses’ “In The Mirror” is the first track off their latest album, Naughtland, and carries elements of Prince and Autre Ne Veut to me, in the funkily dramatic vocal elements of the higher pitches, all the way down to the lower reaches of the chorus.  Hailing out of Portland and L.A., the duo’s album cover is haunting and gothic.

Check out my blog articles last week about Sampa’s “Rhymes To The East” and Umii’s “The One.”

Delicate Steve put out an really cool, and I mean hip in a old-school rock way, guitar-based instrumental EP, Cowboy Stories.  At a quick four tracks, this oozes cool and is the perfect driving music to kill time from Albuquerque to Santa Fe, as you pass the desert landscape.  Definitely music made for the Q!


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