Umii (Reva DeVito + B. Bravo) – “The One”

Reva DeVito and B. Bravo teamed up for a debut EP, This Time, about two months ago, which was released via Fresh Selects, on SoundCloud and other media platforms.  Devito, a Portland-based singer-songwriter, was still riding high after releasing The Move EP, in which she collaborated with a number of high-profile electronic producers, including Kaytranada and Com Truise.  Adam Mori, a Los Angeles DJ, remixer, and producer who goes by the moniker, B. Bravo, more recently put out his own Paradise LP, which featured a number of soulful, cosmic funk tracks, one of which he collaborated with no other than DeVito (“Can’t Keep My Hands Off You”).  Umii was born soon after.

“The One” is a slow grooving R&B track with some light synth work interwoven throughout to great effect; no element overwhelms the other, instead coming together in music that has the fluidity of the water in front of which the nameless “one” sits and admires itself in what I think is a mirror.  It works on all levels, as DeVito’s smooth vocals communicate a confident sensuality, offering to take your hand, and lead you through the song, like a more experienced lover.  The lyrics are…well, minimal.  A good portion of the song includes DeVito repeating the word, “today,” which is a convention I’ve never been a huge fan of.  For my part, that didn’t change here, though her use of it here is one of the more subtle moves, and easy to ignore, as she conveys the idea that two people could come together to be “the one.”


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