Sampa the Great – “Rhymes To The East”

I love Sampa the Great!

I love that she is a young hip-hop artist with relatively clean lyrics who I can play for my daughter, and actually has a love for the old school samples and sounds that really hooked me onto rap back in the day.  She is, arguably, one of the most important and relevant hip-hop artists today, having opened up for or supported other trend-setting black musicians like Kendrick Lamar and Thundercat.

The Zambian-born, Australian-based artist develops lyrics that center around faith, being a strong woman, celebrating her African and black culture, and, at the same time, doesn’t flinch away from putting a spotlight on the destructive history of slavery, and the negative effects it’s had on her generation of strong black young women.

Her lyrical sound is so unique, sometimes frenetic, at other times smooth, and then transitioning to something similar to Macy Gray.  She’s consistently produced music that judiciously utilizes a fusion of samples, African beats, and well thought out synths.

Hopefully, this new single is just the first of others that come together for an album, as she has signed recently to Big Dada Records, and we could use a bit more of her sound and message these days.



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