Leaf – “Gimme Some”

Rising Brooklyn rapper, Leaf, has put out a number of singles up to this point, and has finally announced a debut album that will drop via Fool’s Gold Records on August 18th entitled, Trinity.  The leading track, “Gimme Some,” was released yesterday, and sees her shift to a more electro-R&B sound, with her always sultry vocals challenging some faceless lover to “gimme somethin’ I’d like” and work harder for her affections than just showing up and being present.

In a recent interview, she stated, “For me, ‘Gimme Some’ is another sexual liberation song for women.  We all talk about what we like in bed with our friends; I just wanted to add to the conversation.”  In regards to her upcoming full album, she said, “[The album has] a lot of empowerment songs — songs to cope with emotions that I feel like a lot of girls have.  Secondly, it’s a turn-up….songs to turn up with your girlfriends to feel fly. Three, Trinity is about embodying female empowerment, being the queen that you are.”  This is pushed forward even more by the motto she has adopted, MBM, which stands for both “Magnetic Bitch Movement” and “Money Before Men.”

Based on this single, August 18th can’t come fast enough.


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