ABQ’s 7 Tracks 2 Back (7T2B) – Week of Sunday, June 25th, 2017

Here are the best tracks that I came across (in no particular order) through my audio travels this week when prepping for my show or writing for my local music blog.  Enjoy!

Hammered Satin – “Upwards Spiral” – Recorded at Volcom Studio via the Burger Records collaboration with Volcom for their Cyber Singles Club series, this L.A.-based quartet of throwback glam-rockers just want to get across how high they are on their own universe-spanning rock n’ roll sound.  I’m happy to take that ride with them.

Paradise – “Rock N Roll Dream” – There is literally nothing I can say about this artist.  I scoured the internet looking for information regarding this DIY, lo-fi musician.  However, check out further releases here, and we can only hope that there’s more (both music and information) from him in the future.

Parcels – “Overnight” – The Berlin-based band from Byron Bay, Australia get a production and writing upgrade with Daft Punk on this single.  Already known for their emphasis on groovy, disco-laced music that hearkens back to the late-70s, “Overnight” has all the markers of a Daft Punk-influenced track, including underlying guitar chords not too dissimilar to Nile Rodger’s contributions on Random Access Memories.  This is a fun, though slightly forgettable, song that will have you moving while doing the dishes.  I think my daughter would like it.

Flight Facilities – “Arty Boy feat. Emma Louise” – This is the newest music from the Sydney duo who gave us their debut LP, Down To Earth, back in 2014.  Featuring the Brisbane artist, Emma Louise, with whom they collaborated in the past on “Two Bodies,” this is an easy R&B-inspired, indie-pop track for all of you out there who are with someone and wonder what they think about you.

Madeline Kenney – “Rita” – Coming out of Company Records, this is a single off of the upcoming debut LP, Night Night at the First Landing, from the Oakland-based artist who previously released an EP with producing help from Chaz Bear (a.k.a. Chaz Bundick who fronts Toro y Moi), who has the honors on this album, as well.  It’s straight-forward dream pop, with a fierceness in the chorus that bring up memories of late 90’s alternative rock.

Bosco – “Castles feat. St. Beauty” – A no-nonsense full on Atlanta-based track with Bosco teaming up with fellow ATLian’s Alex Belle and Isis V. of St. Beauty for an awesome southern hip-hop/R&B-inspired slow dance single from Fool’s Gold Records.  Referencing a spoiled relationship that is over and done with once and for all, like “castles in the sand.”

Sudan Archives – “Come Meh Way” – A violinist coming from Stones Throw Records, who pulls a Robert Rodriguez with her music releases (writes, plays, and produces all on her own if you missed the reference).  With inspirations spanning from Sudanese fiddlers to West African rhythms, R&B to experimental electronic music, she is expected to put out a few more singles in the near future.  This hinting-on-traditional-West Africa track has elements of all these genres clearly on display, especially with the fiddle expertly mixed into the song so as not to make it sound countryish or too much of a throw back.  Looking forward to more releases from her this summer.


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