Lully’s “Toute les Chansons” EP

The mysterious producer, Lully, released a compilation of three amazing songs today via SoundCloud, which are collectively entitled, Toute les Chansons.  This translates roughly to “All Songs,” and represents exactly that:  everything we have heard from this masterful future synth-pop artist to date.  Not much else is quite known about this artist (you’re welcome to try and make sense of this interview), such as:  is Lully the woman behind the corrugated glass in all their videos? is the name derived in recognition of Jean-Baptiste Lully, the Italian-born French composer, musician, and dancer who worked primarily for King Louis XIV as a master of French baroque?  who or what are her or his influences, besides anomalies, innovations, and confusions?  Either way, these songs are some of the more unique and entrancing works of indietronica to be released in a while, so I hope you enjoy these Toute les Chansons as much as I do.


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