ABQ’s 7 Tracks 2 Back (7T2B) – Week of Sunday, June 18th, 2017

Here are the best tracks that I came across (in no particular order) through my audio travels this week when prepping for my show or writing for my local music blog.  Enjoy!

Pearl Earl – “Meet Your Maker” – A first single from a quartet of women hailing out of Denton, TX, from a forthcoming self-titled debut album that will be released this summer.  With lyrics like, “How could they even vote for a man who paid a million for his tan?” or “Why do they keep shooting to kill and rainbow love is seen as mentally ill?” the song explores trying to answer the questions about the insanity of our current world.

Jelly Crystal – “Coming Up” – Jelly Crystal, the alias of Filip Johnson, releases a debut single from West Coast Recordings of Gothenburg, Sweden.  He describes his music as imagining an “acid-fueled ABBA writing and performing the soundtrack to Titanic.”  Take that as you will.

The Drums – “I’ll Fight For Your Life” – The second song off of the their newest album, Abysmal Thoughts, which has been on my short list of albums I have been obsessively listening to with my daughter over the past week.  Just a simple song about sticking with your one through thick or thin.

Ariel Pink – “Another Weekend” – The newest solo release following 2014’s pom pom, but not the newest music since then, as he has collaborated with several artists through these last few years, including NY Theo’s “Revenge.”  A easy-listening psych-pop track bemoaning the loss of someone close, and tricking ourselves into thinking they’re still around.

LCD Soundsystem – “American Dream” – From the eclectic James Murphy, he calls it a song “that we wanted to get out to the lovely and patient (and some less patient, but one assumes equally lovely) people who want new music.”  Part of a two-track single, this melancholy synth symphony explores the mirage that represents the current state of what is meant by realizing the American Dream.  The song ends with his wailing the song’s title over and over, erasing doubt as to what Murphy’s opinion is on the matter.

Katie Von Schleicher – “Life’s A Lie” – A throwback lo-fi electro-pop single from the 2017 album, Shitty Hits, about feelings of being powerless.  Shes sings, “I want to hire you and save your place in my hand/ and I’ll take you around then,” but then comes back to the realities of anxiety and self-doubt with “but I’m a fraud and I know I can’t do it alone.”  Katie says about the song, “The narrative is from that unrestrained inner voice, the self-critic, which has the power to isolate you from the good stuff. In practice, this all happens on a subconscious level, that’s why I thought it apt to be paired with the most joyful sounding track on the record.”

Amelia Airhorn – “NY Is Red Hot” – New single from a supergroup formed by The Knocks and Skylar Spence that mixes some classics for an infectious, disco-pop instrumental beat.  The Knocks give us the background story:  “On a dark, glittering summer night in 1992, a girl named Amelia Airhorn stepped into New York City nightlife and never came out. She’s a living and breathing sample, slipping in and out of the hectic thrill of the city — kicked up high-tempo on flashbulbs and disco balls, easing back into the heartbeat of a crowd dancing in a basement and a couple making their way uptown at dawn.”  Check out the visual experience below, with hand-drawn collage visuals by Ida Chelengar.


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