Micky Blue’s “Famous”

Micky Blue, the London-based, NYC-raised queen of haunted pop, has released another track describing the woes of having to let go of someone that just isn’t with you for the right reasons.  “Famous” documents how those decisions can be tough, but hopefully liberating for those who want to be seen and loved for who they are, not what someone hopes they will be for personal gain.

She said about writing this single recently:  “I realized that this person who I thought loved me as much as I loved him was really only in love with the idea of me.  People have this idea that being an artist, or dating an artist, is glamorous  but in reality it’s more hard work and rejection than VIP parties and expensive champagne.”

This message is definitely communicated through the heavily-laden synthpop music, with her smooth vocals asking, “Are you gonna keep waiting till I’m famous?” but knowing that this person won’t be satisfied until that fame comes to them, even if it’s indirect.  We’ve all been with that person who is trying to gain something from ourselves that outweighs actually discovering love and affection, and the upbeat melancholy of the message gets across how the point of realization and learning to let go can be both liberating and desperately sad all at once.


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