ABQ’s 7 Tracks 2 Back (7T2B) – Week of Sunday, June 11th, 2017

Here are the best tracks that I came across (in no particular order) through my audio travels this week when prepping for my show or writing for my local music blog.  Enjoy!

Cigarettes After Sex – “Apocalypse” – Greg Gonzalez whispers about the complications of relationships, and how they are similar to the apocalyptic disasters seen on the silver screens, with no escape to someone who could actually be the one.

Grizzly Bear – “Three Rings” – The underplayed second single from the upcoming Painted Ruins LP, which references that person you love who always comes and goes, even when you know that you are both good and better together.

Hammydown – “Automatic Sweetheart” – Northampton, Mass’ Abbie Morrin (by way of Burlington, VT – quick home shout-out) sings about trying to make it in the world.  She explains: “This song explores how difficult it can be to keep tabs on my own reality when I’m having to phone it in all day.  Hiding behind a shiny robot persona can start to creep into the other facets of my life, and sometimes I feel I’ve got to do something drastic to jolt myself out of that.”

Bloodboy – “Important To The World” – This L.A. singer (a.k.a. Lexie Papillion) explores the addiction to social, emotional, and physical validation, and how that can blind us to the important things on our lives through this synth-pop track.

Alt-J – “Deadcrush” – Deadcrush: a word they made up to describe someone who is no longer alive that you fancy.  Mine are all still alive, so I’m totally wrapped up in livecrushes.  Whose yours?

Toro y Moi – “Girl Like You” – From the upcoming LP, Boo Boo, which was written during a time when Chaz Bear (a.k.a. Chaz Bundick) was questioning and struggling with fame, self-identity, and the feeling of space (or lack thereof).  This songs about the insecurities around meeting and wanting that special someone you’ve just met.

Amelia Airhorn – “Miracle” – Debut track from a supergroup formed by The Knocks and Skylar Spence that mixes some classics for an infectious, disco-pop instrumental beat.  The Knocks give us the background story:  “On a dark, glittering summer night in 1992, a girl named Amelia Airhorn stepped into New York City nightlife and never came out. She’s a living and breathing sample, slipping in and out of the hectic thrill of the city — kicked up high-tempo on flashbulbs and disco balls, easing back into the heartbeat of a crowd dancing in a basement and a couple making their way uptown at dawn.”  Check out the YouTube music video, with hand-drawn collage visuals by Ida Chelengar.


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