Mega Bog’s “Blackout”

You ever go on a music downloading spree, and then end up only listening to about 10 percent of it? (this is where you should be nodding your head in agreement)

Well, Mega Bog, the brainchild and artistic outlet of Brooklyn-based Erin Birgy, released their sophomore album, Happy Together, via Nicey Music back in February, and, of course, I downloaded it immediately with great anticipation…only to not listen to it until traveling out to Virginia a few weeks ago.

The album itself is an acquired taste, moving between highly accessible, straight-up indie rock tracks to some incredibly abstract music that twangs, grinds, and playfully tip-toes along the line of being excessive.

“Blackout” falls into the former category, and shows up surprisingly late on the album, considering that it is potentially the most focused track that will have you humming it, while hitting the repeat.  Birgy’s vocals are sultry and sensual, inviting you into her partially sunny and hypnotic world.  The song works because it rifts with the traditional chords of a summer pop song, only to change it up with her off-key grumbling, daring you to stay with them through the short two minute-plus experience.

I found it late, but this might be my early go-to summer jam.


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