Sallie Ford and Molly Burch – Live at Low Spirits – April 25th, 2017

It had been a long time since I’d last been at Low Spirits, but it was the perfect setting for seeing both Molly Burch, who opened up for Sallie Ford, two artists I have featured on my radio show in the last month or so.  Both artists had an art-house feel to their performances, and the dim-lit venue, with its refreshing mixture of young and old customers, really set the stage for a great night of music from one up-and-coming musician, and true rock n’ roll from another veteran performer.

Molly Burch had the perfect mixture of shyness and confidence as a performer, singing some beautifully subdued songs about love in a deep, husky voice that brings you back to an earlier era.  The Austin-based musician released her debut album, Please Be Mine, earlier this year via Captured Tracks Records, and the ten wistful songs are laden with descriptions of lust, loneliness, and heartache.

Sallie Ford took a complete one-eighty, and dove straight into the upbeat and rangling (not a word, but I like to use it) sound that she’s been known for years now.  During the Molly Burch set, she was constantly roving through the audience, listening to her fellow musician, while interacting with the crowd in a way not common to performers.  On stage, her enthusiasm for the music came through clearly, and she carried the night forward with an aggressiveness and confidence in her music, knowing it was fucking awesome and knowing that you should know it, too.  The Portland, OR musician released her latest album, Soul Sick, earlier this year on Vanguard Records.

Thank-you to Low Spirits for hosting another great show at an underrated venue in the Q!


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