Cindy Lee’s “Always Lovers”

Cindy Lee is the project of singer/guitarist Patrick Flegel, who came out of the well-received, though somewhat erratic, Canadian art-rock band, Women.  “Always Lovers” was a single from the 2015 LP (cassette-tape and free download only) release, Malenkost.  Though the entire album screams of tragedy, heartache, and pained beauty, “Always Lovers,” is the one genuinely representative track for these characteristics.

At once disarmingly simple (I taught myself how to play it on the guitar in an hour, and I’m no middle-aged prodigy), yet intricately pieced together with layers of shifting melodies, the simple guitar chords and sorrowful vocals, all through a lo-fi soundscape, makes you wonder what past decade you might have stumbled into.

The real impact for me was the final one minute or so of chorus, as this was the most beautiful finishing touch. It immediately brought me back to every shitty, sad experience I had ever encountered; yet, as part of memory and interwoven into my past, now is something I will never forget and hold onto dearly.

This track made me wish I could write and direct a movie just to include this one song during the climactic emotional scene between two lovers.

The Malenkost LP is being re-released on vinyl via Superior Viaduct on May 5th, 2017.


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