Joe Goddard’s “Home”

Joe Goddard, of long-time indietronica fame with the English band, Hot Chip, has delivered a nostalgic-infused, disco-laden single from his upcoming sophomore album, Electric Lines, which will be released April 21st out of Greco-Roman/Domino Records.  The single in question, “Home,” was released a while ago, and is the third track on the album.

Though there could and are deeper meanings to be had, this song is all about making memories with the one you want to be with while hanging out late and exploring the urban landscape.  With lines like, “I’ve seen potential in this night we had…just hold me closer darling, kiss me without care,” we can all remember those times with someone who we had yet to fully know, but knew that we wanted to know and share with them much more.

After hearing the track and it’s multiple elements from verse to chorus, you’ll be left with a similar feeling of memories from songs past, swearing that you’ve heard this all before, and driving you to crave hearing it again.  Definitely a song that will stay in your head after its played.


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