Back on the web!

I’ve been absent from the blogging scene for a while, as can happen when you are transitioning upwards in your profession, raising a daughter, being a partner, and getting your master’s degree.  However, I am back on the radio at KUNM starting this month, and will be carving out some time to blog about music each week from here on out.  Here’s what you can expect from my blog each week:

  • an introduction to one or more tracks that I have come across, as I follow hundreds of small, independent record labels and artists on Soundcloud (follow me!) and want to share this music you won’t here on any of the local radio stations.
  • a review of a recent EP or LP release from some of the more obscure artists on the musical landscape, ranging in genre from hip-hip, R&B, soul, indie rock and pop, alt-everything, electronic and synth, li-fi, and everything in between!
  • the playlist from my latest show, whether hosting Overnight Freeform or some other show on our awesome truly local radio station, including links to the Soundcloud playlists and KUNM’s two-week streaming archive, in case you missed it on KUNM and want to hear my lovely radio commentary.
  • my 7T2B (7 Tracks 2 Back), which are the top seven tracks that I came across during the week of sifting through hundreds of independent releases.

In addition, I’ve changed over the blog website to include a couple of nice features:

  • a calendar of upcoming shows at local venues that I will be attending and/or I highly recommend to everyone
  • a link to follow my posts via email, so you don’t have to keep checking the blog, though getting visitors is nice!

Don’t forget to follow me on Soundcloud, Twitter, and on Facebook!


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