Bahari – “Dancing On The Sun” – SoCal Summer Pop At It’s Best


Bahari hit the music scene back in 2014 when they released their single, “Wild Ones,” to moderate success, after they had come together as part of Rock Mafia Studio’s efforts to put together a new band and were running auditions of independent, self-taught artists.  The three ladies, Sidney Sartini, 17, Ruby Carr, 17, and Natalia Panzarella, 17, decided on the name, “Bahari,” as it translates to “ocean” in Swahili.  Carr is a native Kenyan, is fluent in Swahili, and claimed that the ocean was an important part in influencing each of their lives.

Fast-forward to 2016, and Bahari released their first EP consisting of five songs, one of which is the dreamy, beach-popesque, “Dancing On The Sun.”  Though I wouldn’t put the song in my top-anythings as best songs I’ve ever heard, one thing that did fascinate me was after I heard it for the first time, I found myself humming it constantly for weeks at random times during the day.  There is something in its simplistic chorus and lyrics that makes a song like this stick in your head, making it easy to recall and hum while your working on that home project.  However, the song also symbolizes, at least for me, the feelings and sensations associated with summer:  freedom from the daily job, hitting the beach for some body surfing and just laying around, roadtrips across the country, hot days in the shade with a beer in hand…you get the idea.

Finally, “Dancing On The Sun” is ever so reminiscent of another song I feel close to in the above mentioned regard:  Emy Jackson’s “You Don’t Know Baby.”  One is a considered somewhat of a classic, and maybe Bahari’s single will reach that status some day, too.

Listen to them below, and tell me what you think!


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