Frankie Cosmos – “On The Lips”


Frankie Cosmos is releasing a new album on April 1st entitled, Next Thing.  She released a new version of a previous track of hers called “On The Lips,” and I was instantly amazed by the amount of emotion, sexiness, innocence, and overall cool that was instilled into a song that was less than two minutes in length.  It was the type of song that made me want to go back to the days of youth, when your heart ached to want to kiss someone so badly and you get those stomach flutters when it actually happens.  Listening to the lyrics, it’s also a song about lost possibilities (“…I watch you disappear as my train rolls away, I know you could’ve kissed me, but I’ll have to wait…”).

Known for her DIY-style of recording and releasing music, Frankie Cosmos (aka Greta Kline, daughter of Kevin Kline and Phoebe Cates) has found a way to pack all the fond memories and excitement of dating into her beautifully written track.

She’s going to be coming to Meow Wolf, in Santa Fe, NM on April 12th, so bring a date, share a kiss on the lips, and prepare to get transported back to simpler times…


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