Brett – “Claire Drained” & “Electric”

brettmode_hi_res_artIt’s not everyday that I find a duo of music tracks that take me back to previous years of summer memories.  However, the new releases by Brett, a four member band who makes music in L.A., are slow-moving, summer road trip tracks.

The songs in question are “Claire Drained” and “Electric,” two tracks that remind me of swirling wind through my partner’s hair, high mountain desert fading into grassland plains and finally shifting into thick green forests on rolling hills, and the smell of ocean surf and sand.  The album in question, Mode, is their sophomore effort, while the album art comes from an L.A.-based artist, Charley Alexander, who is a graduate of Otis College Art and Design.  There is a small gallery of his other art pieces here.  My daughter saw the album cover (“Oooh, I like that.  It’s really cool!”), and insisted I get some info about the artist.

As far as the tracks are concerned, grab a beer (with the album art in front of you), savor your friends and family, and remember back to all the great summer times and those yet to come…


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